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Public Demonstration of MOVE2LOWC Project by A4F

We are delighted to report a fruitful Public Session for the groundbreaking Move2LowC: Bio-Based Fuels project, that took place on the 29th of june 2023. Our co-promoters convened to discuss significant results and potential future collaborative ventures. In this session, we also welcomed our partner, the Portuguese airline, TAP Air Portugal.

Under A4F-Algae for Future's leadership, with the essential contributions of 21 co-promoters and 7 partners, Move2LowC addresses the urgent need for low-carbon fuels in heavy land transport and aviation. This initiative maximizes the use of aquatic and residual forest biomass and industrial effluents for biojet fuel production.

Move2LowC leverages synergistic technologies, applications, products, and business models across four sub-projects. On the one hand, together with the co-promotors, A4F addressed the technological development of hydrothermal process to produce aviation biojetfuel from microalgae. On the other hand, Biotrend SA led the development of aviation biofuels from residual lignocellulosic biomass of forest nature, without competing from oils derived from the food industry. HyChem SA was responsible for technological improvements to increase efficiency of green hydrogen production. And, Dourogás Renovável worked on the improvement of production of 100% renewable natural gas, all contributing to significant greenhouse gas emission reductions.

As we draw closer to the conclusion of the Move2LowC project, we celebrate our strides towards Carbon Neutrality 2050. Despite numerous hurdles, including managing a diverse consortium, adhering to tight schedules, navigating global disruptions, and tackling technical complexities, our team has displayed remarkable resilience and determination. The unwavering commitment from our partners has been instrumental in translating our ambitious goals into tangible, scalable solutions.

This challenging journey underscores our resolve to advance sustainable mobility solutions and reinforces our commitment to a greener future.

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