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CoLAB BIOREF recently participated in the annual Tech4Innov event held in Santa Maria da Feira on March 29th. This event was focused on promoting innovation and technology transfer in Portugal by bringing together key stakeholders from the academic, research, and business communities to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing in areas such as digital transformation, sustainability, and entrepreneurship.

During the event, CoLAB BIOREF showcased its research activities and presented some of the exciting projects that the organization is involved in, including the Move2LowC: Bio-Based Fuels initiative.

The Move2LowC: Bio-Based Fuels project aims to develop proprietary technology to produce advanced biofuels for the aviation and heavy-duty transportation sectors. This cutting-edge research initiative, which officially began in October 2021, brings together multiple players in the energy sector to apply biochemical and thermochemical processing to microalgae and lignocellulosic biomass, using advanced biorefinery processes. This project is a collaboration between CoLAB BIOREF and multiple partners, including universities, research institutes, and companies from different countries.

By participating in the Tech4Innov event, CoLAB BIOREF was able to raise awareness of the project and its goals, as well as foster collaboration and knowledge exchange with other stakeholders in the bioeconomy sector.

Overall, the Tech4Innov event helped to advance the development of sustainable and low-carbon solutions in the bioeconomy sector.


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